Video: “Five Things You Will Love & Hate about Visiting St. Louis”

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For all of you who don’t know St Louis, I wanted to include a video to start out and let you know about the beautiful city that I’m from :)

This is One Of My favorite Quotes:
“It is self-evident that St. Louis affected me more deeply than any other environment has ever done. I feel that there is something in having passed one’s childhood beside the big river, which is incommunicable to those people who have not. I consider myself fortunate to have been born here, rather than in Boston, or New York, or London.” – T.S. Eliot

How Dan Became An Essential Oil Fan

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Essential oils are normally used in the form of aromatherapy for the various benefits that each of them can provide to the human body. Using them for weight loss is not very common, but it is one that has been used for centuries. When you use essential oils for weight loss, what you are basically doing is inhaling scents and aromas that act to suppress your appetite. This bit of information caused me to head over to to snag some to add to my diet.

There are a number of essential oils that can be conveniently used throughout the day. The fact, that they have a pleasant aroma, makes it very easy to keep a supply of various oils in all the places which you normally occupy. So you will be constantly inhaling them and thus curbing your appetite. In fact it is suggested that when you feel hungry and want to much something, open a bottle of the essential oil nearest to you and inhale the aroma. Inhaling the aroma before meals can help you to eat less and this can finally lead to the beneficial effects of essential oils for weight loss.

It is suggested that you refrain from inhaling this aroma at all times, and keep the bottles containing the essential oils tightly closed, when you are not using them. Opt for aromas that appeal to you, as essential oils differ and some people may not find certain oils of any help to them. Experiment with scents, find the one that is pleasant for you and which does help you to suppress the appetite. Oils from marjoram, bitter almond, anise, black pepper, coriander seed and dill seed are the most commonly used essential oils. You will also find others like green tea, maple, peach, sweet orange, ylang ylang and pink grapefruit. There are other scents that are very strong and are recommended for very careful use. They are from thyme, ajowan, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and cloves, while you need to be equally careful with scents from juniper, sassafras, nutmeg and oregano. These oils can cause your nostrils to burn, when they are inhaled.

Migraine sufferers need to be cautious while inhaling essential oils as their affliction can get worse. Certain scents actually work to trigger migraines. Be constantly aware of the effect of the scents on your body, and make changes whenever you feel they are not suiting you, or not working as they should. Every person has a different constitution, so essential oils can affect every person differently. You will have to experiment on yourself and find the aroma that is the most suitable for you.

It is most important that you realize that using essential oils for weight loss is not an overarching solution for weight loss, and must be considered as only an aid to help you to attain the ideal weight that you want. You will still need to have a healthy lifestyle that must include the right balanced diet, while you also need to exercise regularly. Where essential oils basic assist in dieting, is that they suppress the urge to eat, and thus effectively reduce calorie consumption. Weight loss, as is well known, is reducing calorie consumption or being active enough to absorb them. You lose weight when you spend more calories than you consume.

Before you decide to use essential oils to help you to reduce weight be sure that you have no allergies to the oil you are planning to use. Conduct a patch test on your skin if you have any doubts. Certain combinations of essential oils can also give you pleasanter scents, and are well worth trying out, before you decide on the final combination that you can stay with.

How I Found a Traffic Lawyer After I Got a Speeding Ticket in St. Louis

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I have studied traffic law in law school. I realize that it is not the most popular choice one students enter law school, but I was very excited to do so. I have always believed that I should study what I am most passionate about and that is traffic law. I became excited about traffic law ever, since I actually got into an accident myself. I got into an accident myself and it was totally unfair, I was told that I was guilty for something that was totally not my fault, so I have decided to become best St Louis traffic lawyer.

According to Khatskin, Being a traffic lawyer in St Louis can be harder than other lawyers in a way. This is because there are so many cases of traffic law that is becomes hard to handle and deal with. I am excited yet scared as well because I am now looking for a firm. I am looking for a firm that understands me best and my morals.

A lot of times lawyers of any type even traffic lawyers start of with wanting to help people out and somewhere all the morals get lost. Once a lawyer becomes part of a firm they are pushed to win their cases. In the process of winning all of your cases lawyers tend to forget their moral values. I do not want to be one of those lawyers. This is why I am looking for a firm that best suits me and what I believe in, in the St Louis area.

I have seen a lot of different reviews of the firms in this area, but I am not sure about which one I should apply to. I am hoping I can find other lawyers in this area that hopefully work with firms, so they can guide me. I am looking for lawyers who can guide me to how to apply and even where to apply. Also, having networks is never a bad thing.

I am here in the hope of meeting new people as I would like to expand my networking in this field. If, you are a lawyer then please do message me and hopefully we can talk about the different firms and you can help me out a little bit. So, please link me to any reviews or links you have of a lawyer in this area. Or if you are a lawyer yourself then please message me.

How I Found a General Contractor From St Louis in College Station, TX

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I have found a home that my wife and I would really like to purchase. However, it is a foreclosure and needs a whole lot of work before it can be livable for the both of us and our two children. While it is a good idea to try and work on it ourselves, we are now feeling that it would be best to see what we can do about hiring a good general contractor in College Station, TX such as Windham Construction to help us out. We do have the funds for a contractor and a large project, it is simply a matter of finding someone who will realize our vision and be ready to work with us to get this going and through completion.

General Contractor College Station, TX

If possible, we would like to start work on this project within the next six months. We are closing on the home very soon and the sooner we can start construction on the site both inside and out the better for our family. We live nearby and would like to be able to make it so that we can get everything done and moved in within the year. Anyone have ideas on a great general contractor in the area?

What Do You St Louis Guys Know About Thermogenics?

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I have been looking to lose weight, but it hasn’t been an easy task. I start diets, but they end up taking a toll on me and that is never a good thing. No one wants to be tortured along the way to their success and that is where I get stuck. I have always wanted to find a solution that is straightforward and does not ruin my life. This is where I found a thermogenic that is above and beyond my wildest dreams because of how good it is.

This is a fantastic solution for anyone that wants to lose weight. The idea is basically to create heat in the body in order to get rid of the fat that develops. It is a great way to make sure you lose a lot of fat very quickly and easily. I haven’t felt this good in a long time and it has to do with the results that are being produced for me. I just can’t believe how easy it is to garner those kind of results.

This is what life is all about and this is why I have always wanted to stay fit without having to put in the hard yards. The thermogenic did the trick exactly as I wanted it to.

My Experience Trying to Find Diabetes Life Insurance in St Louis

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Most insurance companies consider diabetes to be a high risk factor, and rarely offer their services to diabetics. To make matters worse, even companies that do offer diabetes life insurance policies charge exorbitantly in insurance premiums. Most of these companies will require a medical underwriting before they can determine what premium rates you will be paying. This farther makes the process expensive and time consuming for the endeavoring policy holder. This however doesn’t mean you cannot find insurance cover as a diabetic at reasonable and affordable rates. Some insurance companies however evaluate the diabetes type one has. Well, this is before they can determine how much one should pay in premium rates.

Types of diabetes

Only 3 types of diabetes are known to this date:

1. Type I diabetes: This type mainly affects persons under the age of 30. This is related to little or no insulin production in the body.

2. Type II diabetes: This type of diabetes affects adult persons with at least 18 years of age. It is also linked to low insulin production in the body. About 80% of all diabetic persons suffer from type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is linked to unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits.

3. Gestational diabetes: This is a seasonal diabetic like condition that affects pregnant mothers. Although not as severe as Type I or Type II diabetes, the patient needs to be watched over closely. This condition however goes away as soon as the pregnancy period is over.

Types of Diabetes Life Insurance Offered Today

Patients are always advised to consider their needs when determining the type of life insurance to undertake. If you aren’t sure of what insurance policy to take, talking to an insurance agent will not harm. Through the help of an insurance agent, you will be able to understand what your needs are, what risks are involves and how much is required as compensation.

diabetes life insurance

According to Gensage, only two types of life insurance are available for diabetics.

Here’s a link to Gensage’s site:

These are:

1. Term Life insurance policy: This insurance policy allows one to dictate how long he/she want to be covered. Policies can run from 0 to a maximum of 65 years. The only downsides about this insurance cover is that, compensation is paid only after the policy holder has died, and it is expensive. Patients suffering from gestational diabetes and type 1 diabetes can however take advantage of this policy.

2. Permanent diabetes life insurance policy: Under this policy, one has cover for the rest of his/her life. Compensation lump sums from this cover are more than in term life policy. In addition to this, its cash value accumulates with each increasing premium rates. This is the type of life insurance cover type (ii) diabetic should consider buying. Its cover is extensive and the compensation plan is handsome too.

Finding a company that offers these policies is not a hard task, getting cover at reasonable rates is the hardest part. Insurance companies will look at your current condition and how physically fit you are before determining premium rates for you. This is the part that most people give up and live without a cover. You however do not have to quit. Making a few adjustments in your life can yield big in your search.

Some adjustments such as keeping your weight in check, working in line with your doctor/physician, eating well can make the condition less severe. Taking your medication as prescribed, working out to keep fit by jogging, cycling or even walking, and consulting a nutritionist for the best type of foods to eat as a diabetic is the best way to go. As long as you can provide proof that you are indeed taking care of your body and keeping the condition in check, then chances are you won’t pay high insurance premium rates. Consult an insurance broker for more advice on what should be done to attract low premium rates.

How I Saved My Marriage

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how to last longer in bedThere are some people out there who do not realize the amount of importance sex has on relationships. While it is not the most important thing, it most definitely plays a huge role in the interaction between couples. Many men are unfortunate enough to have problems with ejaculation. While it may seem like this is the end of the world, there is treatment available to correct the problem. Once that starts, you will be well on your way to restoring your broken relationship to the way it used to be.

This may seem a bit extreme, but there are marriages that are on the rocks due to this issue. It is not all about sex, especially since men who have these issues tend to be very withdrawn with their spouses. Since they are not able to perform for extended periods of time, they have feelings of inadequacy. This affects the way that they perceive themselves and handle the people around them. Getting treatments means that they will be able to feel like a brand new person and you won’t have to secretly search things like “how can i last longer in bed” or “premature ejaculation treatments” in Google. All of the hurt, anxiety, frustration and pain that has been tantamount on your relationship can be gone forever.

I’m Becoming a Dental Hygienist in St Louis

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A dental hygienist fulfills a very important role when a person attends a dental check up. In fact, a patient will spend more time with the hygienist than their dentist at a regular check up. But what exactly does their role involve?

What Does A Hygienist’s Job Involve?

Like a dental physician, a hygienist is a licensed health care professional with a specialism in preventative oral care. This means that the role is predominantly centered on optimizing a patient’s level of oral hygiene to keep their teeth and gums in good condition, rather than on treating diseases and dental problems.

There are slight differences between states when it comes to the exact services which a hygienist can offer, as there are legal variations in what qualifications the job role entails. But as a general rule, the tasks which a hygienist will carry out are as follows:

* Performing thorough teeth cleanings. This will remove both hard and soft deposits on teeth which can lead to problems such as cavities and decay.

* Taking and developing x-rays for diagnostic purposes.

* Giving patients comprehensive advice on how to improve their oral hygiene.

* Assisting the dentist as required.

* Preparing any necessary diagnostic tests or procedures for the dental physician.

* Applying fluoride to the patient’s teeth.

* Updating a patient’s records in regards to the care and treatment which has been given.

In some states a hygienist will also be permitted to:

* Administer local or general anesthetics for surgery and complex dental procedures.

* Apply temporary fillings and periodontal dressings.

* Remove sutures after surgery.

How To Become A Dental Hygienist

Becoming a dental hygienist requires a high level of qualification. A bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or an associate degree must be obtained from an accredited school which specializes in oral care. After graduation, a person must then apply for a suitable license from their state dental board before they can apply for work. Generally, a person will only be granted this license after successfully passing both a written and a practical exam.

Qualified dental hygienists are in high demand, so the job prospects are good. Although there are regional variations, a hygienist can expect to earn in excess of $60,000 per year. For further information about becoming a dental hygienist, you can contact an organization such as the American Dental Association for advice.

Need a New Web Design? Read This St Louis Expert’s Advice

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The appearance of your website can play a large role in whether or not you are able to generate substantial sales from the products and services that you have to offer. It is very easy to create a website, using a generic theme, however this will not convince people that you are either reputable or reliable. The prominence of thousands of websites showing up every day on the Internet created by software that can generate these blogs or sites on-the-fly makes it very important to stand out from all of the other websites that are available, especially if they are marketing similar products. There are many ways to choose the best website design company, strategies that everyone should consider so that they can get the best site design done for a minimal amount of money.

Look At Their Portfolio

Any business that is trying to provide good services for people looking for website design will always have a portfolio of the websites they have created in order to showcase their work. The ability to build a wide variety of websites that are appealing requires an artistic eye, not just the software programs that are necessary to create them. You want to make sure that your website is unique, and also inviting, to individuals that find you on the web. When you are looking at the many different websites that provide this type of service, you are likely to find one or two that truly stand out. Once you have your list, contact the companies to see if they can work with you, and what type of pricing options they offer.

Affordable Website Design Businesses – How Much Should They Charge?

web design raleigh

In order to find out how much someone actually should charge for certain types of web design, you need to compare what all of the other companies are using for price points today. For instance, if you find a couple reputable businesses that have excellent portfolios, and they have a good reputation on the web, you should look at how much they are charging in order to determine if they are overpricing the services they provide. Another thing you can do if search website + city in Google like “Raleigh website design” since I live in Raleigh. You can also compare what you see with companies that produce average websites as well. If their prices are significantly lower, it is a clear sign that the higher priced websites are properly priced for the type of service they will provide.

How To Find Them Fast

The easiest way to find these websites if you are searching for companies that provide these services is to search for a web design company that is operating in your area. This does not necessarily mean that you should only work with companies that are in your general vicinity. Some of the best prices will actually come from companies that operate outside of your country, and will also produce the best quality end product. By using these simple tips, you should be able to locate web design businesses that are fully capable of giving you a quality product for an affordable price that fits your budget.

Need Some Help With Ski Tuning Tools And I’m From St Louis

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I was looking to compete in one of the first skiing competition that I had ever entered in. I was obviously very nervous as I had never had any experience competing in skiing and I was wondering whether or not I would completely fail. I really wanted to make sure that I would do well in the skiing competition so I wanted to get something which would give me a really nice advantage over the other competitors. I realized that ski tuning tools may have been my ticket to getting a good placement from the skiing competition.

A few days before the skiing competition I went ahead and asked some of my skiing friends about what sort of practices would help with a skiing competition. They gave me lots of really nice advice such as positions and techniques to calm nerves, however the most helpful was one of my friends suggest that I use some ski tuning tools to make my skiing on the best quality it has ever been.

Ski Tuning ToolsSki tuning tools included many useful products such as wax. I used the wax to make sure that my skiing would be as fast and as effective as possible. In addition I tried a few of the other great products contained in the ski tuning tools kit which I believe really helped me achieve skiing success.

The skiing competition came and although I was nervous, I won by a mile compared to my competitors. I was so happy and proud of myself, I owe my success partly to the ski tuning tools that I had used.

If you’re looking to go and compete for a skiing competition I highly recommend utilizing some ski tuning tools in the process. I personally use Snow Republic because they have awesome customer service and my friend owns the business :)

How To Find A Good Air Conditioning Repair in St Louis

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As the weather begins to heat up, many homeowners are facing extreme issues as they realize that their air conditioners have already failed or about to fail. This is when a decision that must be made, should the unit be repaired or should the unit be replaced. The considerations that should be made that will eventually help homeowners make the decision are:

  • The age of the unit
  • The efficiency of the unit
  • The condition of the unit

If you choose to repair the A/C unit instead of replacing it, and you live in the St. Louis area, you will need to find a reputable repair company. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when you want to find a professional air conditioning repair St. Louis company.


Is The Company Reliable?

A repair company that offers many high quality services is a repair company that you can depend on. This means that the company will be able to handle all aspects of A/C repair and service including:

  • Air condition installation
  • Air condition maintenance
  • Air condition system repair

A reliable repair company will know when it is best to have the unit repaired, and when you should install a new one. The repair company should also provide other services such as maintenance to ensure the system continues to operate efficiently.

The Company Should Provide Simplified Services

The repair company that you select should simplify many of the repair and maintenance services that are offered. For example, the A/C repair company should have qualified technicians on staff to:

  • Fix fans that are broken or bent
  • Fix broken condensers
  • Clean dirty fans
  • Clean dirty condensers
  • Fix loose compressors

Any issues such as sticky valves, unstable refrigeration levels and broken belts should also be resolved quickly and efficiently by the A/C technician.

The Repair Company Should Be Licensed And Insured

The repair company that you select should be properly licensed and insured. It is not advisable to hire a company that does not have these credentials in place. A valid license proves that the repair company has the ability to deliver air condition repair services. A current insurance certificate verifies you’re your best interests are safeguarded in case an incident occurs while the repair technician is on your property.

The Rates Should Be Competitively Priced

Even though your unit may be in need of services, you should make sure that you select a company that has competitive rates. The best way to find out this type of information is to compare different companies in the St. Louis area. Make sure that the rates match the services that are provided.

When the heat and humidity begin to increase temperatures outside, make sure that you use these tips to help you choose the best air condition repair company in St. Louis. This way, your unit will be well prepared to handle the brutal summer heat.

If you’re outside of St Louis, then you may want to take a look at heating and cooling in O’Fallon since it’s one of the surrounding cities.

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